Corporate Cafe Mobile Geofencing

Hard Rock Corporate Café’s

Mobile Geo-Fencing & Placed

To identify digital solutions that provide insight and analysis into the online to offline conversion funnel and drive in-store visits.

By leveraging mobile geo-fencing with a Placed study, we were able to serve mobile media within close proximity to the properties and measure incremental lift of store visits based on media exposure.


  • 234,686 total store visits measured over a 30-day period
  • Equating to a 1.02% conversion rate based on impression delivery
  • Delivering a $0.44 cost per store visit.
  • Media drove a 220.31% lift in store visits (99% confidence)
  • To measure incremental lift from media exposure, we measured 161,418 incremental store visits due to media exposure, which equates to a $0.63 cost per incremental store visit.
  • Furthermore, we were able to build indexes against alternate business to develop varying attrition strategies for future campaigns.