Leading Medical Cannabis Producer


Introduce an international brand to scientific & research institutions in the US, develop partners and customers. Cannabis in the US is a highly regulated market, our client is an international B2B cannabis research and supply concern seeking to upend the status quo and establish themselves as the best option for cannabis research materials in the US.     


Fearless has worked with a number of Cannabis, CBD & non-consumer focused cannabis businesses. Our extensive experience in highly regulated markets, B2B pharmaceuticals & creative problem-solving approaches have allowed our clients to execute campaigns they thought were impossible.


  • Brand strategic positioning
  • Creative Development
  • Media Planning
    (linear, digital, social)
  • Media Execution
  • PR Support
  • Content Creation
  • Website Design


The company successfully acquired partners & customers in the US cannabis research & development market. We assisted them in designing an outreach initiative that donated $25 million dollars in product to kick start their business development funnel. Through tactical media placements we brought industry spanning awareness to the initiative. We supported them through print, digital & linear media to drive PR buzz around a headline grabbing manifesto. Resulting in earned and paid coverage in media publications and stock gains for our clients SPAC.