Supporting Johnson & Johnson’s World Cup sponsorship through social promotion.

Incorporate J&J’s sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup into their current “Care Inspires Care” Facebook page and grow their fan base across multiple markets.


Increase Facebook fans on J&J existing brand page in the US, Spain and Mexico while maintaining/increasing levels on engagement within a 2 month campaign.


US: acquired 4,000 fans in 7 days lowering the CPF by 38%.
Spain/Mexico: built a Spanish page following of 60,000 fans in 10 days at an avg. CPF $0.43.

Promote J&J product pages in the US ( and in Mexico (Listerine Whitening Mexico).


Fearless used paid media on Facebook posts to drive users directly to the site promotion (US directed to a .com, Mexico to a FB link). With the combination of “Live Posts” (promoted timeline posts) and “Dark Posts” (desktop and mobile newsfeed ads), Fearless drove visitors to site while increasing awareness/promotion participation.


US – Healthy Essentials
Drove significant increase in visits to HE website and generated a 3.8% conversion to registration.
Fearless increased the avg. registration rate by 50%
Listerine Mexico
Drove 30,000 clicks to the Listerine FB landing page during 1 week test campaign.
Fearless had a 4.6% conversion rate with the total participants to the promotion