Casino | Social Influencers | Search | Creative | Activation

Support the launch of online casinos in various markets and navigate through local regulation and advertising policies.

Use our deep understanding of the gaming industry, government regulations and platform advertising policies in different markets to develop holistic marketing plans. Gain market share via strategic partnerships, vendor integrations, TV-Linear commercials, digital media and activations. Support internal operations by advising on website design, producing TV commercials, podcasts, digital media, Google and Bing search, Billboards, direct mail and activations. Develop content strategy to position Spreads as the Canadian Barstool sports. Built website to act as permissible content in restricted platforms.
Generated Social influencer partnerships to engage customers and drive acquisition.

Successful online casino launch to secure market share for our clients. Over 3 months we took the Canadian site from 0$ to $10,000 in deposits per day. (7 day Moving Average)
Secured strategic partnership with the Jets.
Cleared TV commercials for NBC national networks.