Jerry Judge
Born and educated in London, Jerry began his advertising career at Leo Burnett in 1971, where he trained and learned until 1974, when he was asked to become the eleventh employee of TBWA London. As European Account Director on Singapore Airlines he managed a “through the line” business from strategy to trade promotions and all points between. He can talk for hours about the mistakes he made. And what he learned. Luckily for him he got most things right. He also worked on Johnson and Johnson, Cadbury, Land Rover and Ovaltine.

In 1982 Messrs Bartle Bogle and Hegarty left TBWA to start BBH. They took Jerry with them. He worked on the pitches for Audi and Levis both of which were “wins” and both of which became cornerstone accounts for the agency.  Jerry became Chairman of BBH and was a prime mover in the business expansion into disciplines other than advertising. He also worked on successful pitches for Unilever and Shell.

In 1992, wanting to test his mettle, Jerry accepted an invitation to become CEO of Y&R London. He was also made a member of the European Management Board. The business he inherited had greater costs then revenue and was bereft of strategic direction.Jerry managed a team that reduced costs, developed new young management and won new revenue with account wins including, Ford, American Express, Pirrelli and the reacquisition of Kraft General Foods.

Jerry had always been convinced of the power of creativity, believing that it is better to be seen once than ignored three times. He was therefore unable to resist the chance offered him by Sir Frank Lowe and became CEO of Lowe Howard Spink in 1994. After stabilizing an unsteady business, Jerry and a hand picked, powerful management team set about growing and refurbishing the company. There were numerous account wins and unprecedented back-to-back Grands Prix wins at Cannes.

Jerry became CEO of Lowe Europe and instigated a programmed of divestments and reorganization. Leaving this reorganized business in the management of a revitalized team, Jerry became CEO of Lowe International, responsible for all clients, revenue and costs, outside the USA. He lead acquisition and merger initiatives in Japan, China and India as well as starting from scratch a successful Australian business.

In 1999, Jerry was asked to lead the team organizing the largest merger of two operating companies in advertising history. APL and Lowe. Jerry became CEO of the merged business. He began a process of strategic reorientation and cost management that resulted in him becoming responsible for Draft as well as Lowe and a number of domestic US businesses, including, Dailey, Mullen and Zipatoni. He also oversaw the Johnson and Johnson, Unilever General Motors and Nestle accounts as well as leading a team that won the account that was to become HSBC. Indeed, the “Worlds Local Bank” was a key part of the pitch and is still used nine years later.

Jerry’s strategy of converging and merging the accountable and digital skills of Draft with the creative and client relation skills of Lowe, should have enjoyed greater support from the owners of the business. This lack of support resulted in Jerry’s departure in 2005. Jerry subsequently established a thriving marketing communications business that used women to talk to women about women’s products. He has also written a TV series, currently “in development” and a feature film.

Jerry has lectured on the senior management course at London Business School and is a member of the creative organization D&AD, on merit for an Audi commercial he co-wrote.

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