Fearless is...


Fearless was started by a group of partners who fell in love with an idea and put their personal savings on the line to turn that idea into a reality–100% on their own terms.

A capitalist commune

At fearless we are all in this together. We believe in building a successful business and we believe in sharing the wealth with those who help us build it. Everybody benefits when the company does well.

Redefining ‘advertising’

We started as a fairly traditional full-service agency, and we’re still one, but with a hugely expanded focus. This has allowed us to develop a highly integrated work process, and to diversify our services. We’re an entertainment company. A media company. A platform company. But mostly, a company full of spirited people who love the products we create.

The fearless
world is flat.


People are complex and while they often have a specific established skill set, they can contribute to a project in a variety of ways.


Fearless has a flat structure because we believe that everyone has something to learn from everyone else.


We learn something new here every day. Not knowing how to do something is the perfect place to start learning how to do it exceptionally well.

Resourcefully yours

We are community minded and try to share our skills and create opportunities. Look at everything around you and ask “what can you learn from the person sitting next to you?”

Interest driven

We hire people to work in their areas of interest because we think people do their best work when they are having a good time. We want you to be where you want to be.

Fearless Fridays

We cook a damn good lunch.

Friday lunch

Every Friday we cook a communal lunch in the office. We believe great things come from cooking together and sharing stories and ideas over food.

The communal table

The big black table we eat around was the same table that the partners first gathered around when the company was started.

Should I cook?

Of course! Do you have to? Of course not. If you have an idea for a lunch let other people know and ask some people to help out. We can’t wait to enjoy your home cooked meal!


We often invite interesting people to come and have lunch with us. If there is anyone you’d like to invite let us know!

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