Tim Walsh

In 2005, Tim opened Access Trade Management, an innovative solution driven trading business, doing client side consulting globally, and principal barter business based in the USA.  Tim has led the way to create a ‘new’ barter model moving away from commodity media and towards 360 marketing communications programs from clients.  The focus is on long-term strategic engagement, not just transactional solutions.

Tim began his career at Barter Systems Inc. in 1980, working his way up the ranks to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing by 1983.  Tim was at the forefront of major change in the Barter Industry in how clients were handled, companies are paid and with influence on major accounting rules changes that have legitimized and grown the industry.  From 1985 until 1987, Tim worked at Shearson Lehman Brothers.  In 1988, he founded PEAR Inc. and sold to the NCE Group in 1991.

In 1995, Tim returned to work for Active International, first in New York,  then London.  He was instrumental in a significant incremental increase in sales and profits at Active NY based on a new business line and performed the first transaction with a NYSE listed company that did not involve media.  When Tim worked in London, he turned around sales and set the benchmark for new business success and also international barter deal structures.

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