A full-service advertising and communications agency based in New York City.

Fear wastes time.
Fear wastes money.
Fear wastes talent.

Fear rewards caution.
Fear forces us to ‘not get it wrong.’
Fear doesn’t help us ‘get it right.’

Fear is overcome with honesty.
Fear is overcome with strategy.
Fear is overcome with forward thinking.

Be .fearless


A content studio centered around the philosophy that
it is better to be seen once than ignored three times.


My Baby Way is a web series that follows expecting
families as they transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Top 20 Agencies

Fearless Agency was just named one of the 20 best agencies in New York City. While we thank them for this award, we like to think that it’s because they found us dashing, charming, and that we're good in the kitchen, rather than anything in particular. View article...


By Bob Chiappardi Concrete Marketing today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with The Fearless Group and SJD Media to create a new media buying and planning agency for the entertainment industry. The new agency will be called...


By Jerry Judge Every few weeks there’s a lot of buzz about a big brand moving from one agency to another. A lot of things change when these moves happen—people get fired, favors get called in, pitches get pitched, CMOs make speeches about “changes of direction” and...


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